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Better Health




Effective Better Health

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 2.5 hours
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

As the current health pandemic unfolds in our world today, there is an urgent need now more than ever before to watch what you eat. The popular saying goes “Health Is Wealth”; but you are only as healthy as what you eat! Healthy and nutritious food is everything. No one can stay without food to no consequence. That is why it is very important for everyone to learn how to explore different food options that can make them stay healthy in these trying times by boosting their immune systems. And that is why we have put together this unique healthy food discovery journey. At the end of this course, participants would be able to identify unique food options that can help them stay healthy, enabling them to save up to 30% of their shopping list. But there is more. You will also acquire useful skills that you can monetize to create an additional income stream that could prove very useful in today’s world.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to use at least 8(eight) of this skills to generate businesses.
You will be able to save 30% of your shopping list that is more money and less spending.
Improve greatly on the health and nutrition of your family.
Generate sustainable skills that will always generate money for you as side hustle anytime-anyday.

Course Outline Content

1. Nutritional tips for healthy living.
Nutrition; what it is.
What are the consequences of unhealthy foods
How to manage healthy Food Consumption.

2. Different simple homemade delicacies to remain healthy.
How to process whole-wheat flour.
How to make smoothies and fruit salad.
How to prepare your healthy teas from Moringa
How to prepare Baked Potatoes Pie
How to prepare Soybeans flour and Soy milk
How to make Peanut butter
How to turn Dates to supplement for sugar
How to make your breakfast cereals more nutritious using dry fruits and nuts

3. How to make healthy drink recipes
Carrot-Orange drink
Pineapple-Orange drink

4. Bonus
How to make your own homemade items for cleaning and disinfecting for proper hygiene.
• Liquid soap.
• Izal.
• Bleach.
• Hand Sanitizer
5. Monetizing The Skills you have learned
Questions & Answers

Ikerekhalu Evelyn Ese

Finance Prodigy and Foodist

Evelyn, a graduate of Actuarial Science from the University of Benin is a leading light in the Nigerian financial and risk management sector. Asides crunching the numbers, she is also a passionate foodist, a passion that would see her acquire a certificate in Nutrition at NSAP and work as a Quality Control Supervisor at GT Foodplus, then going on to become a Manager at Tasty World. Evelyn currently Heads, Finance and Control at Foodbank Growmore Limited.