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Effective Business Feasibility Study

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 1.5 hours
Cost: N2,500
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

Welcome!!! In a world were business success no longer depends on the number of earned degree certificates, having a successful business requires a well thought out plan and process built around a great feasibility study. With the Covid-19 global pandemic, it would no longer be business as usual; and given the anticipated post-covid-19 impact on existing businesses, new businesses are sure to emerge and thrive and it is always important to be super ready for the upcoming changes.

Learning this course is one step to be ready business-wise and build a sustainable business. The course focuses on the basic understanding of feasibility study specifically for new businesses, steps to conducting an effective business feasibility study and examples of a business feasibility study.

Course Outline Content

1. Understanding Business Feasibility Study
What is an Effective Business Feasibility Study?
Use is a Business Feasibility Study
When is the best time to carry out a Business Feasibility Study?

2. Steps to Conducting an Effective Business Feasibility Study
Business Description
Market Analysis – What is your market/market share?
Existing Competition – Direct & Indirect Competition
Customer acquisition channels/Marketing strategies
Business operational requirement
Financial projections
Organizational structure
Business Presentation

3. Examples of conducting a Feasibility Study in some business crafts
A catfish agribusiness
A hair dressing business
A fashion designing business
A pastry business

4.Bonus: Creating a Pitch deck

5.Questions & Answers

Divine Love Akam


Divine-Love Akam is an agriprenuer with a focus on emerging markets transforming the agricultural sector; a 2019 African Innovation Fellow (AIF) and holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka as well as a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the Adansonia Project, Universitá Bocconi, Milano. She has also been awarded a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from Enterprise Development Center, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos State and a certificate in The Future of Work from the World Bank. She was awarded the 2017 maiden Hon. Uche Secondus Leadership Award and the 2017 Yenagoa SHIFT Leadership Ambassador.