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Basic Garden Management for Cucumber and Water Melon

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 4 hours in 2 days
Cost: N3000
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

Do you like to eat fresh and organic food? Everybody does. You can try to find a store that sells organic food. But, how can you be sure that it is 100% organic food? The truth is, you can have organic vegetables in your own garden. Just follow the instructions from the course and you will learn to do that.

Learning Outcomes

Able to understand and apply good agricultural practice in watermelon and cucumber.
Scaling up (from person consumption to commercial).
Advisory platform to start your garden

Course Outline Content

1. Introduction
The concept garden
Cucumber and nutritional value
Watermelon and nutritional value

2. Planning your garden
Garden tool and equipment
Soil preparation
Seed quality/varieties
Water source
Cost estimation and profit
Sourcing for all farm inputs and resources

3. Planting operations and management
Planting tool
Planting spacing specification

4. Garden managements
Weed management
Soil management
Pest management

5. Harvest and storage
Crop maturity
Harvesting operation
Post-harvest handling
Questions & Answers

Adegbola Adedotun


ADEGBOLA ADEDOTUN is an expert in crop, animal production and value addition to agro products, he has 9 years of farming experience. He is currently the Head of Operations Department at Efarms Nigeria Limited.