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Grain Production (Maize & Soyabean)

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 6 hours in 3 days
Cost: N3000
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

Do you have one or few plots of land at your disposal and you donít know what to make of it? At this unprecedented situation and impending lockdown across the world, take advantage of this moment try learn how to produce these grains (maize and soybean) which are the most popular grains in the world for human, animal and industrial consumption. The course covers individuals that are interested in producing for their household needs and at commercial scale. At the end of this course trainees will be exposed to the best agricultural practice on how to farm these crops and also providing them with market information.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to grain production
Introduction to maize and its uses
Introduction Soybeans and its uses
Good agricultural practices

2. Pre planting activities
Planning your farm
Market plan
Cost estimation and profit
Sourcing for all farm inputs and resources
Choice of land and measurement
Land preparation
Choice of seed variety

3. Planting operation
Manual planting
Simple machine planting
Mechanized planting
Spacing specification
How to calculate crop density per hectare

4. Weed management
What is weed?
Method of weeding

5. Soil management
Organic fertilizer
Inorganic fertilizer
Cultural management

6. Pest and control
Identifying major pests
Pest control

7. Harvest and storage
Crop maturity
Harvesting operation
Post-harvest handling

8. Record keeping
Importance of record keeping
Types of records

Questions & Answers

Adegbola Adedotun


ADEGBOLA ADEDOTUN is an expert in crop, animal production and value addition to agro products, he has 9 years of farming experience. He is currently the Head of Operations Department at Efarms Nigeria Limited.