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Grant Writing Made Easy

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 3 hours
Cost: N3000
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

In the world we live today, there are no shortages in talented and brilliant people; most times the challenge is that opportunities to enable them access the resources needed to be able to bring to live their plans. Whether it is a ground breaking research, or an innovation that could be commercialized into the next million dollar business, financial resources are crucial to making sure those ideas become valuable through execution. Fortunately, there are opportunities to access these resources needed and we call them grants. However, to apply for a grant is one thing; to win a grant is another. The difference between success or failure in grant writing is skill, and we have set up this training to equip you with the skills you need to be an effective grant writer. At the end of this course, you would learn where to find the best grants for your research or business, as well as how to apply for them successfully.

Course Outline Content

1. The World of Grants
Introduction to grants?
Types of grants and how they are different?
Business Grant writing
Two Unique approaches to grant writing-storytelling and case study

2. Content outline of a typical business grant
Executive Summary
Need Statement
Goals and Objectives
Methods, Strategies or Program Design
Evaluation and Project Reporting Mechanisms
Sustainability Plan
About your organization
Project Budget and Financial Projections

3. Tips in crafting a winning grant proposal
Follow Directions and guidelines provided by each grant provider
Frame your ask according to the grant-maker's priorities
Research grant-maker-identify who they have funded in the past
Justify your business model-just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come
Show your process clearly
Let your budget and project narrative tell the same story
Define success: Outputs, Outcomes, KPIs, Metrics and Measurements
Tell a clear and compelling Financial Story
Show your sustainability plan

4. Deep Dive
Walk through an actual grant application (Global Innovation Fund)

5. Wrapping Up
Where to find grant opportunities
Questions & Answers

Nwachinemere Emeka

Head,Coporate Strategy, EFARMS

Nwachinemere is a goal driven, innovation and technology enthusiast passionate about transforming Africa into the food hub of the world. He is a fellow of both Leap Africa and Fate Foundation, as well as a recipient of the Total Startupper Awards for Innovation and Nigerian Innovation Awards in 2016. The multi-award winning serial entrepreneur is a 2015 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program Alumni, and was named part of the Africa Price shortlist of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2018. He also won the 2017 World Bank Ideas for Action competition in 2017, placing first out of 743 teams from 118 countries. Nwachinemere is a graduate of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. He has also received specialized training on Business and Entrepreneurship from Enterprise Development Center, Pan African University, Lagos and has over 7 years of experience in the Nigerian Business ecosystem. He has a dream that one day, extreme poverty and hunger would be eradicated from Africa and the world. He is a writer and public speaker with interests in governance and advocacy. You can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for further engagement.