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Mushroom Cultivation

Platform Zoom
Course Duration 4 hours in 2 days
Cost: N3000
Certification: YES

Welcome Note

There are so many vegetables (food) that are healthy and immune boosting to our body that we have either forgotten about them or we cannot easily sourced in the market, shopping mall etc. Mushroom falls into this category of food. Mushroom cultivation is very rewarding as an income generating means, the only farm enterprise which requires no land. You only require a room whether in urban or rural setting. It requires very little space and the returns are good within the harvesting period of 2 months. At the end of this course, you would learn how to grow, source for mushroom seed and growth medium, as well as how to create market for mushroom.

Course Outline Content

1. Introduction to mushroom
Definition of mushroom
Spices of mushrooms
Life cycle of mushroom

2. Mushroom value
Nutritional Value of Mushrooms
Medicinal Properties of Mushrooms

3. Mushroom farm
Farm layout
Farm hygiene

4. Oyster mushroom cultivation
Sourcing for spawn (seed)
Preparation of the substrates
Bagging the substrates
Heat treatment/sterilization
Spawning pasteurized substrate
Spawning sterilized bags
Spawn run
Management of fruiting and mushroom development

5. Post-harvest handling
Fresh market
Dry market

6. Marketing and product cost analysis
Questions & Answers

Adegbola Adedotun


ADEGBOLA ADEDOTUN is an expert in crop, animal production and value addition to agro products, he has 9 years of farming experience. He is currently the Head of Operations Department at Efarms Nigeria Limited.